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Monday, April 16, 2018

A small puzzle

Dear All,
Can you solve the following problem:

This is a very old story. It is popular in many countries. A father left 17 camels as an asset to this three sons. After the death of their father, they opened his will. The will of the father stated that the eldest son should get half of 17 camels, the middle son, 1/3rd of 17 camels and the youngest son, 1/9th of 17 camels. As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or by 9, the sons started to fight with one another. How will the sons divide the camels as per their father’s will? The sons failed to solve the riddle. They started fighting. One day they heard that a wise man came to their village. They approached him. He listened to them and smiled. He read the will carefully and asked them to listen to his words. He solved their problem.

Can you guess what was the solution the wise man has proposed?
Send me your solution.
Try to answer this without searching in the internet to sharpen your brain😃

Always in the service of students,
With best wishes,
BNSS Shankar,
M.Tech (IITK), MIE
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