Dear Engineering Students,
I am Shankar, did my M.Tech in Power and Control from IIT Kanpur, B.Tech from JNTU Kakinada Campus and Diploma from Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada.
I worked in General Electric, Hyderabad for 6 years in the field of renewable energy sources. At present, delivering number of lectures in the field of power electronics (since 2007) and delivered lectures in Control systems as well (in the past) especially for GATE/ESE/PSUs. This blog is to explore the various opportunities for electrical engineering students especially preparing for competitive exams. I would like to utilize this blog as platform to share information as much as I can and requesting the continuous feed back for the improvement. I am maintaining this blog after my busy schedule as part of social service and giving back something to the society. If you like it, you can also be part of it

BNSS Shankar

Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking,Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great
Always try to learn something from your actions
If you have any specific question to ask me, write an email to, If you want to give the feedback, you can give it through the feedback form

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thanks to Bhubaneswar

Dear All,
Thanks to Bhubaneswar students and staff for the nice hospitality provided
I really appreciate most of the students dedication to attend the classes in such a rainy/flood climate
Few students disappointed me as attending classes without calculators. Hope they will realize my words in their future
Some people really touched my heart in the last hour when they took my blessings by touching my feet. Its really first time experience in my teaching. I really felt so proud after resigning my job as an engineer and enter into such a honorable profession as teacher
But, overall my first visit to Bhubaneswar gave me good memories

I wish you all the best. Please be in touch

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Notification for Graduate Executive Trainees

RITES Ltd :Graduate Executive Trainee
Eligibility : BE/B.Tech(Civil, ECE, Mech, Metallurgical, Electrical)
Last Date : 18 Oct 2013

Link:Click here

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rectification of Defects in GATE 2014 application

Rectification of Defects:
All the applications received by respective zones will be scrutinised. The candidates will see relevant message on GOAPS login, if any defect is found during scrutiny. In order to remove the defect, such candidate has to take action as per the table shown below. Necessary rectification is required before 30th October 2013 for accepting such applications. If no action is taken by the candidate, the application will be rejected.

For more details,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Solutions for open book test

Dear all,
Solutions for our open book test (including question paper) conducted on 27-Sept-2013 are available in first floor xerox center
Interested one can take the benefit of it
Try to discuss the paper with your friends and solve on your own. I gave only procedure how to solve the problem, i want you to do some more home work to complete the problem