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I am Shankar, did my M.Tech in Power and Control from IIT Kanpur, B.Tech from JNTU Kakinada Campus and Diploma from Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada.
I worked in General Electric, Hyderabad for 6 years in the field of renewable energy sources. At present, delivering number of lectures in the field of power electronics (since 2007) and delivered lectures in Control systems as well (in the past) especially for GATE/ESE/PSUs. This blog is to explore the various opportunities for electrical engineering students especially preparing for competitive exams. I would like to utilize this blog as platform to share information as much as I can and requesting the continuous feed back for the improvement. I am maintaining this blog after my busy schedule as part of social service and giving back something to the society. If you like it, you can also be part of it

BNSS Shankar

Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking,Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great
Always try to learn something from your actions
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Electrical engg–References

 Electrical engineering–References
Engineering Mathematics
1.       Higher engineering mathematics by B.S. Grewal (Khanna publishers)

Electric Circuits
1.       Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander · Sadiku (Tata McGraw-Hill)
2.       Engineering Circuit Analysis by William H. Hayt & Jack E. Kemmerly (Tata Mc-GrawHill)
3.       Network Analysis by M. E. Van Valkenburg (PHI Learning)

Controls Systems
1.       Control system engineering by I.J Nagrath and M. Gopal (New Age publications) [Note: Proff. Gopal is working professor in IIT Delhi, you will face interview with him if you go to  IIT D for Control systems specialization ]
2.       Modern Control Engineering by Katsuhiko Ogata (Prentice Hall)
3.       Automatic Control Systems by Benjamin C. Kuo (Prentice-Hall Inc)

Power Systems
1.       Power system engineering by D P Kothari & I J Nagrath (Tata McGraw-Hill) [Proff. D P Kothari is working in IIT Delhi, you will face interview with him if you go to IIT D for Power systems nspecialization]
2.       Elements of Power System Analysis by William D. Stevenson & John J. Grainger (Tata McGraw-Hill)
3.       Electric Power Systems by Syed A Nasar (Schaum’s outline series) [This is only for problems]
4.       Power System Protection and Switchgear by Badri Ram, D. N. Vishwakarma (Tata McGraw-Hill)
5.       Fundamentals of Power System Protection by Y.G. Paithankar, S.R. Bhide (PHI Learning)
6.       Power System Stability and Control by Prabha Kundur (Tata McGraw-Hill) [Very famous book for Power system engineers, I can say this is bible for PS engineers]
7.       Understanding FACTS by Hingorani & Guygyi
8.       FACTS controllers in Power transmission and Distribution by K.R Padiyar (New Age publisher) [Author was professor in IISc Bangalore]

Electric Machines
1.       Electric Machines by D P Kothari & I J Nagrath (Tata McGraw-Hill)
2.       Electric Machinery by P.S Bhimbra (Khanna Publishers)
3.       Theory of Alternating current Machinery by Alexander S. Langsdorf (TATA McGRAW-HILL)
4.       Alternating Current Machines by M. G. Say (ELBS with Longman Singapore Publishers)

Electrical Measurements
1.       Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation, A. K. Sawhney, Dhanpatrai and Sons, New Delhi
2.       Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measuring Techniques, Cooper D. and A.D.Heifrick, PHI, 2009 Edition
3.       Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments, Golding and Widdies, Pitman

Micro processors
1.       Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with the 8085 by Ramesh S. Gaonkar (CBS Publishers (2011)
2.       Advanced Microprocessor And Peripherals, 3rd Edition by A. K. Ray , K. M. Bhurchandi  (Tata Mcgrawhill Publications)
3.       Microprocessors and digital systems by Douglas V. Hall (Gregg Division, McGraw-Hill, 1983)

Analog electronics
       Design with operational amplifiers and analog ICs, by Sergio Franco Tata McGraw Hill.
      Microelectronic Circuits, by Sedra and Smith, Oxford University Press, USA. (various editions)

Power Electronics
1.       Power Electronics by M.H Rashid (Pearson Education India)
2.       Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design by Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland (John Wiley & Sons)
3.       Fundamentals of Power electronics by  Robert W. Erickson & Dragan Maksimovic (second edition, Springer Publishers)
4.       Fundamentals of Electric Drives by G.K Dubey (Narosa Publishing House) – This author was professor from IIT Kanpur
5.       Power Electronics And Motor Drives by Bimal K Bose (Academic Press)
6.       Generalized theory of electric machines by PS Bhimbra (Khanna Publishers)
[Note: This book is different than the book Electric machinery by same author. This will be good reference for electric machine modeling in d-q domain and transient analysis and very much useful in M.Tech for PE& Drives specialization]
7.       Power electronics by MD Singh and Khanchandani (Tata McGraw-Hill Education)
8.       Power electronics by PS Bhimbra (Khanna Publishers)

1.       IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
2.       IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
3.       IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
4.       IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
5.       Science direct

Simulation software:
1.       MATLAB /Simulink/Sim Power Systmes
2.       MATLAB /Simulink/Control systems toolbox
3.       PSCAD
4.       PSPICE

I wish you all the best.
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Shankar BNSS, M.Tech (IITK)
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