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I am Shankar, did my M.Tech in Power and Control from IIT Kanpur, B.Tech from JNTU Kakinada Campus and Diploma from Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada.
I worked in General Electric, Hyderabad for 6 years in the field of renewable energy sources. At present, delivering number of lectures in the field of power electronics (since 2007) and delivered lectures in Control systems as well (in the past) especially for GATE/ESE/PSUs. This blog is to explore the various opportunities for electrical engineering students especially preparing for competitive exams. I would like to utilize this blog as platform to share information as much as I can and requesting the continuous feed back for the improvement. I am maintaining this blog after my busy schedule as part of social service and giving back something to the society. If you like it, you can also be part of it

BNSS Shankar

Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking,Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great
Always try to learn something from your actions
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy independence day

My dear blog viewers,
I wish you happy independence day for all Indians.
On this day, I want to share few of my thoghts

  1. From my childhood days, I am hearing India as Developing country and I want to hear India as Developed country. I really dont know whether it will be possible in my lifetime or not
  2. I still remember the words from Mr. Abdul Kalam when I attend his seminar that, everyone should try to develop for themselves first, family and then should help to grow the society/country
  3. I strongly believe, we can achieve anything if we have financial stability from personal side and country side as well. If everyone has this small target and working towards it, we can grow individually and growth of everyone implies country growth as well.
  4. My main motivation in coming to teaching by leaving my comfortable highly paid corporate job is, "When I am in professional career, I will ensure that I will lead at least ten members to achieve higher education".
  5. By keeping all these points in my mind, I am earning money for family to be financially stable and helping student community voluntarily through my blog
  6. I will not believe in donating money to poor (in fact I hate the word "poor" as I suffered a lot due to this poverty in my student life) which will make the human to kill their creativity. Objective of my blog is "Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking,Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great Always try to learn something from your actions". What all I can expect from my student community is work hard with smart skills and try to settle down in your life first, make your family to be happy, and help (in any form) few people to grow in the society. Can you do??  
  7. To do all these things, you need not to have any power and what all you need is good heart. Hope you have. Do you Have??
On this day, I hope all my wishes will fulfill in one day before my death

With best wishes,
BNSS Shankar, M.Tech (IITK)
Electrical Mentor