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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IIT Delhi MTech interview questions

Dear All,
One of my student shared his interview question during his MTech admission (for Power Systems) in IIT Delhi
Thanks to Priyank Shah (SPG2 of GATE 2015 batch) for sharing this information

1. what is your favorite subject?
2. In load flow tell me about PQ bus and reference bus...what is the difference between them?
3. List different method to measurement of load flow?
4. why we need to develop fast decoupled load flow even though we have newton raphson method? Explain in detail
5. what a simple difference between newton raphson and fast decouple method ..can you tell in single sentence?
6.write newton raphson algorithm...i just write 1 page they tell me its okay so/..
7.Explain about equal area criteria ...which parameter can be determined?
8.limitation of its equal area criteria
9.swing equation meaning and derivation
10. if you get barc then what will you take... iit delhi or barc??

With best wishes,
BNSS Shankar, M.Tech (IITK)
Electrical Mentor