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Sunday, December 7, 2014

ESE 2014 written test result

Dear All,
Congratulations for the candidates who have cleared the written test of ESE 2014
Click here to view the results
As all of you are aware, the next step is interview. For which, Detailed Applications Form (DAF) is very critical stage as most of the interview will be around this DAF. DAF will be available in UPSC website upto 15th Dec 2014. Click here to fill DAF
Click here for interview guidance. I will suggest ESE 2015 aspirants also to go through the following tips to get overview on the entire process.

Just for awareness, I am giving one of my last year student interview (ESE 2013) questions:
1)Introduce yourself
2) What do you know about Indian Railway
3) Tell us something about your home town
4) What is rank of solapur in India according to population
5) What is rank of solapur in maharashtra according to population
6) What is the area in sq-km of solapur
7) What is the rank of solapur in maharashtra according to area in sq-km
8) What is the elevation of solapur from mean sea level
9) Who is current IAS Officer(Collector) of solapur
10) Who is current municipal commissioner of solapur
11) Who is current DRM of solapur railway division

Technical questions
1) Which harmonics are dangerous for transformer
2) How to remove/ avoid harmonics in transformer
3) Name the inverter circuit to get pure sinusoidal waveform
4) Explain the significance of Per-unit system
5) Explain harmonics in case of machines
6) Name the material use for making resistances in case of meters (swapping resistors)
9) State the reason of occurrence of zero row in case routh howritz criteria
7) If in case of PMMC meter while measuring 2A current if suddenly one spring damages then what will happen
8) What will happen if both the springs get damaged
9) State the reason of occurrence of zero row in case routh howritz criteria
10) Explain application of power electronics in case of traction system

After this
1) What are your hobbies
2) If a chance is given to you what will you do other than your duties
3) What is the main source of income of Indian gov
4) What do know about GDP
5) What do you know about food security bill
6) Explain IRSEE functioning structure

With best wishes,
Electrical Mentor